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MASTPOL Company specialize in production of variety of goods out of steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Almost 90% of the production is destined for marine industry. The residue of 10% is a custom-made production. The company has it’s own, well organized transportation and logistics structure that gives the ability to supply the goods directly to customer in any place of Europe.

The company has been established on April, 1987 as a Locksmith Services & Production Facility, which primary objective was production of marine equipment. Years 1987 - 1990 realized us how great a demand for marine equipment on the home and foreign market was. During that time Company’s headquarters have been settled in Kosakowo about 15km from Gdynia’s downtown in the north of Poland. Also during that time the Company’s former designation was changed to MASTPOL Marine Equipment and a logo was adopted - a graphics of a double mast yacht:
The beginning of 90’ties was a period of work and assembly houses building, as well as machinery, technology and well qualified staff acquiring. Our first customers were a small domestic market yacht yards and individual sailors. The continuous investments into acquiring new technologies and increasing staff qualifications allowed the Company to produce marine equipment at the highest possible quality level which increased amount of customers at the same time. Year by year our turnover increases for about 15% - 25%.

At the moment the Company’s production area capacity oscilates around 5000m2 with 80 employees on aboard. Our strategic customers are large middle european yacht and motorboats yards. As we still keep investing in modern technologies and becoming more experienced,  and competitive, we’ve opened new divisions of Industrial Facilities Constructions Components, stainless steel Furniture and Fitnes & SPA equipment.

On 01.10.2015, MASTPOL Marine Equipment Company changed its law status to Limited partnership and since that time prospers as MASTPOL Ltd.
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