Laser cutting
Laser beam cutting system is one of the thermal cutting method that is widely used in metal industry production processes. The main purpose of this method is production of items that are used for further technological process without additional treatment. It is said that cutting with the Laser beam is a method which allows to achieve a similar measurements tolerances as during mechanical processing.

Usefulness of Laser beam for cutting process results out of its principles which relays on polarized light energy concentrating on a very small surface. The density of Laser beam power used for cutting processes is 104,0 - 106,0 W/cm2 and created ray beam coming out of it can be focused to radius = 0,0025mm. An extremely smooth, thin and powerful “blade” is being created then. Almost invisible Laser radiating spot that moves lengthways on cutting line of the processing material is an energy source with constant intensity. This Laser spot, during its cutting path, melts and then blows the material out simultaneously using supplied technical gases. Afterwards, You can observe an equal and smooth cut line. In industrial Laser cutting technologies it is often to use a gases type lasers coming out of the molecular group which wave length is aprox. 10µm and huge power does matter. You can find such lasers generally in metal processing industry and manufacturing, medicine as well as in physical and geological researches.
the benefits of technology:

• fast and economical plates cutting in classic sheet format of 3000x1500mm
• fully automated switching and centering cutting nozzles reducing operator's intervention to its minimum
• modern piercing technology including the so-called 'Cut on the fly' mode, enabling optimal execution of the orders
• supreme treatment quality of plates in thickness up to 20mm
• supreme productivity and scalability
• centralized cutting planning and management via BySoft software
• remote control of the machine and cutting process monitoring
Machine technical data
• machine type:  BySprint Pro 3015 by Bystronic
• technology:  Class 4 - CO₂ Laser type, 4400W rezonator power
• cutting area:  X = 3000mm, Y = 1500mm
• material types and max. thicknesses (quality cutting):  ST =20mm | NIRO =15mm | ALU =5mm
• machine tolerance:  ± 0,1mm
• repetitive tolerance:  ± 0,05mm
• simultaneous positioning speed X/Y:  140m/min
• max. axel acceleration:  12 m/s²
• average cutting speed:  80m/min
• max. cutting table carriage:  750kg
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