Quality control
Bruker Spectrometer S1 SORTER - Material Chemical Content Measure System. An elemental handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer allows to control alloy's internal chemical molecules from Mg to U, performing instant analysis of almost any metal, soils, sediments and plastic. The various instrument configurations allows to fit any application. Accuracy and increased test speed gained by SDD system (Silicon Drift Detector) makes the XRF device a versatile tool. It is necessary to mention that the device was developed in cooperation with engineers from NASA.
Salt spray corrosion test
The TQC Salt Spray Corrosion Test Cabinet, model Vf7705 is a reliable test chamber to perform accelerated corrosion tests on a wide variety of materials such as paints, metals, electronics. The test is based on the ‘salt fog’ factor. 1h in the chamber equals 100 days exposed on the corrosion causing environment. The technology prevents against using low quality material before serial production starts, reducing future claims to their minimum.
Item marking system
SiC e9-p62 is a portable marking device which is well suited to engrave article identification markings on heavy and large parts, from plastic to hardened steel up to 62Hrc. This great and very handy tool gives confidence that the parts won't get mixed with other manufactures parts either get identified incorrectly. The e9 controller features a graphical screen and an industrial membrane keyboard directly on the machine. Fully self-contained, with integrated software.
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